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December 2012

Josh has finished his Radiotherapy treatment, he has to have a brain scan in March, his consultant won't give go ahead for him to travel until after that. He's had a difficult 6 weeks and deserves the very best holiday possible. Thank you for all of the support that Josh has been given, it is very much appreciated.
11th March 2013

Josh has had his scan to see if treatment has been successful, it wasn't quite the result we hoped for. The scan is showing a build up of fluids in a sac in place of the tumour, doctors are unsure what it is and Josh has to wait approx. another 4 months for a second scan. Josh's hair has started to grow back and he is now off his anti sickness tablets. He is attending school when he feels up to it and is still suffering from headaches. Awaiting further scan in September
Very special thanks to The Indee Rose Trust who keep in constant contact
with Josh's mum Michaela.
Offering advice and support.
A very special Thank You to
Paul Weller
Paul played with local lad Kev McGuire,
Singing Wild Wood in aid of Josh.
Paul also signed two guitars that were auctioned off for Josh.
Thursday 12th September 2013

Josh had a scan today and although fluid sac is still present

JOSH is in